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Kitesurf School in Tarifa
Kitesurfing in Tarifa
Kitesurfing in Tarifa 500 500 Freeride Tarifa

Why is Tarifa a must try kitesurfing destination? Release that need for freedom and escape on a kitesurf holiday. Freeride, freestyle, big air, foil, wave, adapt your style according to the spot. From paradise lagoons to the most famous waves in the world, kitesurfing will give you unique sensations through trips and surprising encounters. Are…

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Kitesurf and Yoga holidays in Spain
Kitesurfing and Yoga the benefits
Kitesurfing and Yoga the benefits 470 470 Freeride Tarifa

Why Kitesurfing & Yoga is a perfect match There’s a reason why so many watersport athletes include a regular Yoga practice to their training in order to enhance their performance. As a kitesurfer, Yoga has many benefits for your body. Let’s find out why! Originally Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu…

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Kitesurf destinations in winter
Where to go kitesurfing in winter
Where to go kitesurfing in winter 600 600 Freeride Tarifa

Our best destination to kitesurf in winter. If kitesurfing in Tarifa is always a pleasure, whatever the season, the winter starts to be a bit cold. From December to February, the temperature decreases enough so that neoprene shoes are welcome to ride comfortably. It is time to escape gloomy, cold and rainy streets of northen…

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Kitesurfing video of our kite lessons in Tarifa
Freeride Tarifa 2017 Video Kite School
Freeride Tarifa 2017 Video Kite School 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

2017 SOUVENIR Kitesurfing Video Tarifa In this video we present all the main stages of a kitesurfing lesson, to give you a global idea of what will await you during your kitesurf Trip in Tarifa. Whether you are a beginner or have already taken kiteboarding courses, we will follow your progress to make you an…

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Kite-Mates Application for riders and business
WeKite – The kitesurfers App
WeKite – The kitesurfers App 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

We are excited to announce our partnership with WeKite Being in the water with other Kiters is safer, practical for launching and landing Kites and a lot more fun! Whether you are beginner or advanced riders you will find your interest in being register on this App, let us explain you in detail the features…

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The Wind Window, Los Lances beach In Tarifa Spain. Kiteboarding classes for beginners.
4-The wind window
4-The wind window 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

Understanding the Wind Window is critical for managing the power of the kite and your direction of travel. The wind window zone is represented by a quarter of sphere. The size of this sphere depends on the length of your lines. Indeed the kite is connected to you by means of a bar, connected to…

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kitesurf gear, Board, kite Naish 2016... Freeride Tarifa, Water Sports School
3-Getting the best out of your gear
3-Getting the best out of your gear 1024 1024 Freeride Tarifa

You’re at the beach. You’re ready to start kiting. But there’s just one problem – how exactly do you choose your equipment? Don’t worry, the rule to follow is simple. It’s all about ratios. The right size sail will depend on your weight and the strength of the winds. The lighter the person, the smaller…

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Kitesurfing lessons in Valdevaqueros beach, Beginner and advanced level In tarifa.
2-All you need to know about Tarifa weather
2-All you need to know about Tarifa weather 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

You’ll find two major weather phenomena on Tarifa: the venturi effect and the thermal effect. The venturi effect involves the acceleration of wind. Specifically, when wind is forced to follow a funnel-shaped path (i.e. it finds itself passing through a path narrower than the one from which it comes). This causes it to become compressed and…

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Riding free by Day 3: a student testimonial

Riding free by Day 3: a student testimonial 1024 1024 Freeride Tarifa

We had the pleasure of teaching Roxane recently. Here’s what she had to say about it: We did a week of lessons with Freeride Tarifa in October. The spot, the ambiance, the quality of service are amazing! Thanks to Oliv, my instructor, I could ride freely with my board from the third day! He knew how to put me in confidence and give me the right advices. See you next year. Roxane Pradel  

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