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The Wind Window, Los Lances beach In Tarifa Spain. Kiteboarding classes for beginners.
4-The wind window
4-The wind window 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

Understanding the Wind Window is critical for managing the power of the kite and your direction of travel. The wind window zone is represented by a quarter of sphere. The size of this sphere depends on the length of your lines. Indeed the kite is connected to you by means of a bar, connected to…

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kitesurf gear, Board, kite Naish 2016... Freeride Tarifa, Water Sports School
3-Getting the best out of your gear
3-Getting the best out of your gear 1024 1024 Freeride Tarifa

You’re at the beach. You’re ready to start kiting. But there’s just one problem – how exactly do you choose your equipment? Don’t worry, the rule to follow is simple. It’s all about ratios. The right size sail will depend on your weight and the strength of the winds. The lighter the person, the smaller…

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Kitesurfing lessons in Valdevaqueros beach, Beginner and advanced level In tarifa.
2-All you need to know about Tarifa weather
2-All you need to know about Tarifa weather 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

You’ll find two major weather phenomena on Tarifa: the venturi effect and the thermal effect. The venturi effect involves the acceleration of wind. Specifically, when wind is forced to follow a funnel-shaped path (i.e. it finds itself passing through a path narrower than the one from which it comes). This causes it to become compressed and…

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The wind direction, Tarifa Kitesurf
The wind conditions in kitesurfing
The wind conditions in kitesurfing 1024 1024 Freeride Tarifa

The Wind Conditions In Tarifa Before throwing yourself into the water, it’s important to know what the weather conditions are. This is a basic rule every kiter should know. Check the wind level and direction, and make sure that no bad weather is on its way. Because after all, no one wants to be rescued…

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