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    1 WEEK LESSONS - 500€/PERS.

    Kitesurf Training

    There are sports that make you dream! So come wake up to a sunny day in Tarifa for the ultimate kitesurfing in paradise. Whether you want to make your first rides, your first rotations or are ready to un-hook and start progressing to more advanced tricks, your kitesurf trip experience will surely be unforgettable! All styles are welcome here. So come explore this wonderful activity with friends, it will definitely be the trip of a lifetime!

    Enter a whole new dynamic with kitesurfing holidays and stay realistic as it takes around 12-15 hours to get up on the board and ride in both directions. It is crucial to understand that part of the learning process is to emphasize all safety procedures and practice them to be a safe kiteboarder, not only for yourself but for people around you!
    At Freeride Tarifa, our IKO instructors are very committed to turn you into a safe and independent kiteborder.

    1 WEEK


    • 2 kite sessions a day of 2 hrs
    • IKO certified instructors
    • For beginners – intermediates
    • 3/4 persons per instructor
    • Group lessons
    • 2018 Naish kitesurf gear
    • 5 days kitesurfing
    • 20 hours class

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    This course is designed for beginners toward learning how to kiteboard or improve your skills and evolve in your practice if you are an intermediate rider.

    You will start your kitesurfing day around 11am (depending the wind condition) to let you sleep or recover from your active night. Then a lunch break to regain energies and an other 2 hours kite session around 2.30pm. All this within a vacation designed also for relaxation and pleasure.

    Check out our lesson plan below to get an idea of how we will prepare you.

    Kite control.

    • Wind direction/dangers
    • Weather forecast
    • The wind window
    • Rig the kite equipment
    • The security system
    • Safety precautions
    • Launch the kite
    • Kite flying

    Body drag.

    • Self-rescue
    • Relaunch the kite
    • Stear the kite in the water
    • Glide downwind
    • Control direction
    • Control your power
    • Body drag upwind
    • Manage your board


    • Fix your foot straps
    • Kite position
    • Board position
    • Body position
    • Body drag with your board
    • Get out from the water
    • Find your balance
    • How to start your ride


    • Recover the board
    • Ride downwind
    • Control your speed
    • Control your direction
    • How to go upwind
    • Ride upwind
    • How to turn
    • Riding with one hand


    Tarifa is where Atlantic winds will sweep you off your feet with ten kilometres of white sandy beaches, unspoilt countryside and some of the best kitesurfing conditions in Europe, have established Tarifa as a true surfers’ paradise.

    Tarifa’s tip-of-Spain location attracts also nature-lovers alike as it’s situated between the Parque Natural Los Alcornocales and the Parque Natural del Estrecho which lend a refreshingly laid-back international vibe. There are endless opportunities to explore the rolling countryside such as horse-riding and quad to name but a few.

    Tarifa is the last stop in Spain before Morocco, and it’s also a taste of things to come, with its winding whitewashed streets and tangible North African feel, the walled windswept old town could easily pass for a Moroccan village.


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    with its unspoilt countryside and excellent wind conditions.

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