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    Kite School In Tarifa

    Let yourself be gone with the wind & discover the freedom of
    kitesurfing. We offer kite courses for any levels with IKO instructors.



    Our experienced instructors can tailor lessons to match your individual needs, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or seasoned expert by guiding you by walkie talkie.


    Naish Kiteboarding

    You never have to journey with bulky equipment again. We supply a host of Naish kites, boards and accessories that are ready for you to rent with the latest models of the year.


    Surf & Stay

    Let us take care of your trip. We have a number of great value packages including kite, sport activities and accommodation that will suit any budget and group size.

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    Why choose
    Freeride Tarifa

    There’s nothing quite like the freedom and thrill of kitesurfing. And we know it best. All our instructors are certified, passionate and experienced. We’ve travelled around all the best windy coasts in the world for the love of the sport, before deciding to set up a school in the best one of all – Tarifa.

    Why come to Tarifa?

    Tarifa is the wind capital of Europe. It enjoys over 300 days of excellent wind
    conditions a year, making it the perfect spot to practice kitesurfing.


    Perfect conditions

    Tarifa has two different winds types. Poniente is side on shore and steady. Levante is side off shore and strong. There’ll always be a condition to suit you, no matter what your level.


    Amazing beaches

    Tarifa is blessed with great stretches of pure white sandy shores. There are four main spots to choose from, so finding your perfect base is easy. It’s great for surf, kitesurf, windsurf…


    Friendly activities

    There are countless bars and restaurants to enjoy. Relax, refuel and meet fellow thrill seekers. You can also head out for a day trip to one of the many scenic destinations.

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