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Les plus beaux spots et plages de Tarifa, cadiz
Tarifa’s most beautiful beaches
Tarifa’s most beautiful beaches 600 600 Freeride Tarifa

Let’s walk along Tarifa’s most beautiful beaches ! Besides being known worldwide as the wind capital of Europe, Tarifa offers many other treasures, such as its wonderful and endless sand beaches that will not fail to move you. Tarifa sits right in between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. There is a myriad of…

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The most famous beach bars of Tarifa
The most famous beach bars of Tarifa 506 506 Freeride Tarifa

Let’s grab a drink in a ‘Chiringuito’! I’m sure if you come to Tarifa, spend your holidays in Spain, it’s because you are a kitesurf lover or you just want to give it a try. Then, Tarifa is the surfer paradise for its windy city but also its surfer lifestyle. In this town you live…

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The best places to eat in Tarifa, Taps Bar, Breakfast, Café, Dinner, Lunch, brunch
The best places to eat in Tarifa
The best places to eat in Tarifa 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

Enjoy the delicious Andalusian food in Tarifa Even if Andalucia is best known for its beaches, its kiteboarding and sunny weather, food plays a massively important part in Spanish culture. If Tarifa is well known for its excellent wind conditions for kiteboarding and windsurfing, you will surely be very pleasantly surprised by the wealth of…

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