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3-Getting the best out of your gear

3-Getting the best out of your gear 1024 1024 Freeride Tarifa

You’re at the beach. You’re ready to start kiting. But there’s just one problem – how exactly do you choose your equipment? Don’t worry, the rule to follow is simple.

It’s all about ratios. The right size sail will depend on your weight and the strength of the winds. The lighter the person, the smaller the sail. And, the heavier the person, the larger the sail. The same applies to the force of the wind. The same person will take a smaller sail in strong winds, and a larger sail for lighter winds.

You can also experiment with the size of your board. The larger the board, the more lift it will give you. This allows you to float faster and sail with a less powerful sail. A larger board might suit you if you’re a beginner, since it will be more stable.

Once you’ve selected your equipment, make sure that the take-off area is clear of obstacles. You don’t want to be running into anyone, or anything, unexpectedly. Also, make sure you know the safety system of your bar and understand how it works. Your instructor will demonstrate this for you.

Finally, don’t forget the safety signs relative to take-off and where you’re located in relation to your sail to take off. And if the wind is ‘offshore’, make sure there’s a safety boat nearby that can help you out, should you run into any problems.

Kitesurfing is a safe and fun sport, but only if you follow the right precautions and stay alert.
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