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We are excited to announce our partnership with WeKite

Being in the water with other Kiters is safer, practical for launching and landing Kites and a lot more fun! Whether you are beginner or advanced riders you will find your interest in being register on this App, let us explain you in detail the features of this revolutionary application.

Wekite for riders

WeKite.com is the World Meet App for Kitesurfers, providing an innovative service to Kitesurfers to plan their sessions and always find Kite-Mates, thus making Kiteboarding more social, fun and safe.

Being in the water with other Kiters is safer, practical for launching and landing Kites and a lot more fun!

By just taking a quick look at the Icons on the Map, “WeKiters” can get a glance of which spots will host sessions and in just 3 clicks, they can discover exactly who is going to Kite, where and when, plan their session and automatically share it with the rest of the community.

With its streamlined workflow, WeKite is the most efficient and discreet way to find Kite-mates and plan your next session!

Wekite for businesses

WeKite.com also offers business to business services to companies operating in the Kite and Tourism sectors. The “WeKite Business” membership grants access to 5 “Interactive Marketing Tools” for companies to advertise their offering on WeKite App. The tools include an icon on the map to be easily found by Kiters, a customizable company page to present the brand and offer, an open chat with customers, a link to the company´s own website and Facebook Share buttons to enhance the social media presence.

Find Freeride Tarifa on the map and get in touch in a simple click! We have also added all our best kitespots around the world for the pleasure to share our experience.

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How it works?

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WeKite displays on its Map icons locating the Kite-Spots; each icon links to a “Local Calendar” which displays, day by day, the profiles of the Kiters who plan to have a session there. Users can then add their new sessions or join existing ones.

As the “Spot Calendar” is shared between all the community members, WeKiters can always know where they are going to find good company!

When the first session is planned to a spot, the Spot Icons on the Map changes from empty to populated (the kiter profile appears under the kite icon) to indicate the presence the session and suggest the others where to plan a session and meet.

The user profiles display a personal session calendar to allow WeKiters to keep track of their friends sessions and easily join them!

“WeKite Premium” membership delivers advanced functions, such as the Smart Filters to further simplify the spot searches.

For example, with the “Day” Filter, Premium Users can select the day they intend to plan a session and the App will display only the spots where they can find Kite-mates. The “Wind” Filter is oriented to safety: this filter erases from the selection the spots with unsafe, offshore wind direction. The “Kite-Trip” filter instead is thought to plan a Kite holiday, hence it sorts out the spots based on best season, the user´s own kite quiver, his/her skill level or the desired spot characteristics.

Get a glimpse of the App and start to plan your next session.

About WeKite founder and his vision?

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WeKite.com is conceived and developed by the Stockholm-based designer, Andrea Putaggio, who last year founded the start-up MEGALOOP AB to bring the App to the market. Andrea Putaggio has a background as industrial designer and designed several award winning products for companies of various sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to national leading companies and start-ups.

According its Founder, Andrea Putaggio: “this is a great time to launch WeKite, as the sport has grown considerably in the last five years and keeps booming all over the world. Nowadays, people of all ages and status (including former US President Barack Obama and Top-Notch Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, founder of Virgin) approach Kitesurfing, attracted by the promise of freedom and feeling alive that only gliding on the ocean and flying in the sky can deliver. It won’t be long that Kitesurfing will make its debut at the Olympics and attracting even more people.

In the short run, our challenging mission is to leverage on the competitive advantage we have as the first and only Kitesurf Meet-App out there and rapidly reach a critical mass of users to become the undiscussed leader in social kitesurfing.

WeKite vision is to become the #1 Mobile Service Provider for Kitesurfers and its Mission is to build a global Kite community revolving around its free Meet-App function, as it leverages and enhances two fundamental aspects of the sport: the social aspect and the safety aspect.

In fact, despite being an individual sport, Kitesurfing is a very social activity: to start with, most kitesurfers rely on one another to launch and land their Kites on the beach. This simple gesture is the perfect ice-breaker, as it requires trust in the other Kiter to be able to safely perform the manoeuvre. After each landing, especially when returning from an exciting session, it feels natural to start a chit-chat and exchange the positive energy from the action. Safety is also a leverage and an objective of WeKIte: in fact, the golden rule for safe Kiteboarding is to always Kite in company and keep an eye on each other. Everyone involved in the sport is aware of the risks and that the Kiter next to you is the one person that can save your life if things get rough.


After years of travelling the globe and kitesurfing along all the best coasts, I've decided it was time to settle down and share my knowledge. Sports teacher since more than 10 years, share my passion for sport activities is natural.

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