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Tarifa Strapless Pro Competition

Tarifa Strapless Pro Competition 700 700 Freeride Tarifa

The big event is gonna fire up very soon in Tarifa! Tarifa Strapless Pro is happening for the 4th time!

Make sure you will be there, in Tarifa on the Valdevaqueros beach between 26th of June and 1st of July, as a part the cheering crowd following the forth event of 2018 of the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour, the world championship of strapless and wave freestyle, with the world top level riders !

We will see among the others, the famous Mitu Monteiro as well as Keahi de Aboitiz which was the 2017 champion of GKA final event Mauritius Pro and 3rd on the podium competing with Airton Cozzolino crowned 2017 GKA Kitesurf World Champion, and also Sebastian Ribeiro the Dakhla Trials Singles winner 2017.

We have to mention here also the biggest competitor of Airton from the last year event and second on the podium Matchu Lopes and Paulino Pereira – the 4th one in the last year final classification.

The women fighting for the podium 2018 are Moona Whyte, last year GKA gold champion and Jalou Langeree who ended up the 3rd on the podium last year.

Wind conditions in Tarifa

GKA Tarifa for the world kitesurf competition 2018

Tarifa, also known as a capital of european kitesurfing, delivers all year long wave and wind conditions which satisfy all kind of the watersports addicts.

We don’t know yet which conditions the world elite of strapless competitors will be entertained with…
Gusty off-shore levante that blows from the left side, comes in few days serias and can easily reach even 40 knots? Or maybe milder poniente, the right side on-shore blowing with average strenght of 15-20 knots which brings cooler, humid air from Atlantic ocean and choppy water?

After few years of the full power levante dominating during summertime, Tarifa’s experts predict the year of poniente, but we will find out for sure soon!

Current results of GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2018

Mitu Monteiro surfing waves for the GKA world tour

Two events in Sal, Cabo Verde and Dakhla, Morocco after us and on the 7th of June in Viana do Castelo, Portugal!

After impressive win in Morocco Airton Cozzolino is remaining on the top of the man’s table, but the rest of world class pack is chasing him closely, especially Keahi de Aboitiz, who is not far behind in the classification. Watch out Airton if you want to keep the last year’s crown!

Jalou Langeree just got her first KSWT win in Dakhla and now her and Moona White, the previous champion, are level on points rocking the top of girls’ table. May the better win, ladies!


GKA Tarifa pour la compétion de Strapless 2018

The event will start in the evening of 26th of June with Welcome Ceremony hosted by Mandala Tarifa and the main part will be happening in Chiringuito Tangana in Valdevaqueros beach from 27th with first possible starts in the afternoon of 27th. The evening of 1st of July is the Closing Ceremony and Pricegiving in Tumbao in Valdevaqueros.

Catch a chance to congratulate your favourite proriders and celebrate this big moment together!

We are following the next competition and looking forward to witnessing the one of the most exciting event of the year in beatiful windy Tarifa!
Stay tuned!

Kaja is IKO level 2 and work as instructor at Freeride Tarifa, spain

Writer – Kaja Zator

As part of the team as instructor, Kaja also use her writing talent for Freeride Tarifa and shares her point of view on Tarifa and kitesurfing. Follow her articles to get a glimpse of Tarifa’s atmospher.


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