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Cadiz carnival

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Cadiz carnival

Cadiz carnival 666 666 Freeride Tarifa

The carnival of Cadiz is one of the most famous, from Feb 23 to March 5, a big party is organized. The Carnival has crossed the borders of the festive and cultural and became a tourist phenomenon that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Lot of Spanish people but also people from everywhere in the world are coming, it has been recognized as an International Tourist Interest, it’s one of events more expected in Spain.

The whole city lives to the rhythm of the carnival, perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy the Andalusia spirit.
The carnival music is heard in all the city, some of the costumes are real piece of art and the Cadiz’s people lives with all their soul.

Two different stage compose this event:

  • During few weeks, there is an official contest between the official troops who participate at the representation.
  • The contest final day announce the beginning of the festivities which will take place in the street of the city during few days. In every street, every place, troops will do their representation with costumes, music and songs following this theme: translating the problems of society and actuality.

So if you are in Tarifa during these dates, I suggest you to go there, is worth the trip!
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