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    3 DAYS LESSONS - 500€/PERS.

    Kitefoil Training

    You are an experimented kiteboarder but eager of new experiences? So why not give Kitefoil a try rather than wonder if it’s as fun as it looks. The feeling on glide, the support and the sensations in Kitefoil are very different compared to traditional kiteboarding. So stay aware, this new trendy sport will become a real flying addiction!

    So, what is a kitefoil? The kiter stands on the surfboard and is powered by his kite. As the board speed increases the foil generates lift and the board rises above the water. The kiter controls elevation by applying pressure on the board through his feet and forward drive via the kite. Discover below how we will prepare you with our lesson plan.


    This sport is for kitesurfers who know already how to ride autonomously and thus having a very good control of the kite, knowing how to ride in strapless is an asset but not necessary.

    • Flying 70cm off the water
    • Able to kite up from 8knots
    • Silence on the water
    • Ride easily long distance
    • Amazing upwind abilities
    • Great speed around 25knots


    The instructor will speak to you throughout a radio during the course to bring you the right informations at the right time.

    Your lesson include
    • IKO certified instructors
    • F-One board, Carbon Foil Ketos
    • 1 person per instructor
    • Bring your kite equipment
    • Life jacket and helmet
    • Harness and wetsuit
    • 3 days kitefoiling
    • 6:30 hours class in total

    In case you don’t have your equipment you can rent it with us for 50€ for the full training.

    1ST DAY - 2H30


    • Which are the different kind of foil
    • Learn more about foilboards
    • The different ways of riding
    • Body dragging with the foilboard
    • How to place your float
    • Learn how to fall
    • Safety precautions
    • Kite position
    2DN DAY - 2H


    • Improve your waterstart
    • Improve your body position
    • Maintaining body balance
    • Review weight repartition
    • Float balance
    • Speed control
    • Riding out of the water at 10cm
    • Ride long distance out of the water
    3RD DAY - 2H


    • Fundamentals recovery
    • Fast riding with body position
    • Control your direction
    • Ride upwind
    • Riding out of the water at 30cm
    • Ride constently on 500 meter
    • Riding with one hand
    • How to turn

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