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Kitesurfing Camp

Combine kite lessons with an accommodation and discover the unforgettable experience of kitesurfing in the European windy capital, Tarifa!

Daily schedule

You will have 2 kitesurfing lessons of 2h per day to progress fast but at your own pace. What are you waiting for? Come to experience the thrill and the freedom.


Kite & Road Trip

Get the perfect balance between total freedom and a little forward planning with our campervan trip immersed in the Andalusian countryside.


Your epic Spanish road trip starts on the fabulous spots of Tarifa with 5 days kitesurfing lessons before traversing the rest of coastal towns on the Iberian peninsula. You’ll be comfortable and ready for any adventure onboard the VW California Beach van.


Wellbeing Camp

Combine kite lessons with a morning wellbeing activity, including accommodation. Let us guide you through stretching, yoga and pilates to get your body and mind in a good balance.

Daily schedule

You will have a morning wellbeing activity to prepare your body for an intense afternoon kitesurfing session. It will help you recover your strength, build positive energy and gain flexibility. Have a look at this camp.


Multi-Activity Camp

As we believe the variety is the spice of life, our multi-activity break will give you the chance to try a number of outdoor sports for a challenging and fun adventure.

Daily schedule

You will start with a morning dicovery activity (stand up paddle, mountain biking, rock climbing and horse riding) to diversify your stay and challenge yourself, followed by a kitesurfing class in the afternoon. You will set out to discover the region in a different way thanks to the excursions.