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    Beginner Private Class
    Kiteboarding In Tarifa

    Lorenzo's testimonial

    Beginner Kiteboarding class in Tarifa

    Beginner Kiteboarding class in Tarifa 1000 1000 Freeride Tarifa

    Beginner Kiteboarding
    Class In Tarifa

    I was in great hands at Freeride Tarifa! As a beginner I felt that they really take time and effort to share their knowledge and passion about kite surfing.

    I also liked the fact that they wouldn’t just put you in a class when the wind wasn’t all that great. They honestly try to get the best for you and this combined with the awesome planning skills of Vanessa, it all works out very well. The equipment was top of the line and never failed. I heard some horror stories about other schools and their safety measurements. Besides the fact they run a legitimate company, the people there are super-friendly and try to help you whenever they can regarding places to stay or eat. Having some beers and relaxing chat with them comes with the package 😉

    Thank you!


    After years of travelling the globe and kitesurfing along all the best coasts, I've decided it was time to settle down and share my knowledge. Sports teacher since more than 10 years, share my passion for sport activities is natural.

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