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    Freeride Tarifa,
    True Lover of Kitesurf

    We strongly believe anyone can give kitesurfing a go. Our approach is fun, professional and personal. What’s more, we’re IKO certified and can tailor lessons to suit groups of any size. Whether you’re learning solo or with friends, we’ll always ensure there’s a maximum of 4 students per instructor. This way you get the best tuition for your needs.

    We dedicate a lot of attention to the safety of our students as well as their progression. That’s why we renew our equipment, brand Naish, every year and we use radio headsets to bring you the right information at the right time. We are agile and we move according to the wind to make you enjoy the best conditions in the region.

    Our expertise

    We’ve been teaching kitesurfing for more than 10 years. And we’ve been fortunate to teach it all over the world – including Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean.

    Our values

    What we hope to achieve with Freeride Tarifa is to share our passion for this amazing sport. We put a huge value on safety, individuality and progress for all students.

    Our philosophy

    What we tell our students is this: the only way to know your limits is to give it a try. And take your time to learn the fundamentals properly throughout your journey.


    The Freeride Tarifa founders

    Meet the two thrill-seeking, kite-loving locals who lead the school.

    Olivier Negrel, Founder Of Freeride Tarifa
    Founder, Freeride Tarifa
    Olivier Negrel

    After a previous life as a primary school sports teacher, Olivier gave it up to go kitesurf the world. He’s settled in the best spot of all – Tarifa. He started kitesurfing and teaching in 2007. He is french, speak Spanish and English.

    • IKO 1st and 2nd Level Certification (since 08/09)
    • Spanish Kitesurf Instructor Certification (2007)
    • MSc in Sport Science (Lyon University)

    Sylvain Moreau, Founder Of Freeride Tarifa
    Co-Founder, Freeride Tarifa
    Sylvain Moreau

    Sylvain, a kitesurf teacher really patient, is also a personal coach to some of the top kitesurfing pros in the world, such as Liam Whaley (world champion 2015). He’s also an experienced windsurf instructor, catamaran instructor and sailing boat skipper.

    • Post graduate diploma in biomechanics
    • French Diploma in Sail Boating and Catamaran
    • Spanish Kitesurf Instructor Certification


    Meet the team

    FR / EN / ES
    Julien Pierre

    After having sailed in dreaming spots such as Rodrigues, Madagascar or Dakhla, this kiteborading fan in all its forms laid its board and its sails on the best European spot – Tarifa. He teaches with passion and devotes his time to share the best of his experience with his students both in kite and snowkite.

    FR / EN
    Laurent Le Moel

    After having been in charge of a windsurfing and catamaran school in the south of France, Laurent began his first kitesurfing experiences with the arrival of the first Wipika kites. Eager for new sensations, this watersports lover also teaches Kite Foiling since 2 years, always keeping in mind fun and security.

    EN / ES
    José Rosado

    José has started kitesurfing in 2013 in the Kitesurf Mecca – Tarifa, where his passion for this sport has never stopped. He is a team player and likes sharing his explanations and instructions as wells a lot of tips and tricks resulting from his longstanding experience as kiteboarder to get you the best teaching.